Friday, December 9, 2016

World news

KDF soldiers killed in DEADLY Somalia roadside attack

Four Kenya Defence Force (KDF) soldiers have reportedly been killed in an attack in southern Somalia.KDF soldiers ambushed in Somalia. According to reports from Somalia,...




Opinion & Analysis


Somali accelerator graduates receive $15k investment

Three Somali startups have shared US$15,000 in investment after coming out on top of the demo day that was the culmination of the inaugural...

Social Issues

Myth of Pull Factor Mires U.K. Asylum Seekers in Poverty

Welfare support for asylum seekers is being held below poverty levels on purpose. Researcher Lucy Mayblin calculated the cost of changing this and found...


Kenya jets bomb Al Shabaab base in Gedo

Kenyan air force fighter jets is reportedly to have hit Al Shabaab base in Gadoon-Dhawe in Gedo region inside Somalia. It is not immediately clear...


Akulle for SLNTV: Veteran journalist clinches lead TV helm

Mr. Khadar Mohamed Akulle has become the new executive office of the Somaliland National Television(SLNTV) following the just announced reshuffle by the Head of...



Celebrite: Israeli firm that can steal phone data in seconds

It only takes a few seconds for an employee of one of the world's leading hacking companies to take a locked smartphone and pull...